EOT Cranes – Indispensable Load Transferring Formula

EOT Crane Company

EOT cranes, the most popular kind of overhead cranes, play a crucial role in the construction, transportation, shipyards, steel and mining industry. EOT stands for Electrical Overhead Travelling. As the name suggests, these types of cranes are operated electrically with the help of a control pendant, radio or IR remote pendant. Some cranes also have an operator cabin attached with it. To tap into the growing demand for cranes, a number of EOT cranes manufacturers in India are dealing in various types of cranes including single and double girder EOT crane.

EOT cranes are usually light in weight, easy to maintain and composite in dimensions. However, operating EOT cranes without sufficient knowledge and expertise can be very dangerous. The operators must be aptly skilled and trained.

Single girder EOT crane in India is the most widely used EOT cranes as these are less complicated, safe, cost-effective and efficient. As the wheel load is comparatively lower, the column cost gets considerably reduced. No additional power is required for operation. These cranes are usually applicable where heavy load requires to be transferred from one bay to the other. Conventional cranes do not support heavy load movement.

If you are looking for a tool that will enable you lift and transport loads over 10 ton or spanning more than 25 meters, all you need to do is find a Double girder EOT crane manufacturer. There is no substitute when it comes to transferring heavy loads with wide spans.


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